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My Profile

I am a singer. Since I have been working long time in the music world. My father was my first teacher in my career. My father was a good musician. On my full efforts I have achieved my destination. I have faced lots of problem but still I had been already continued my singing. At first I liked dancing.then gradually my interest grown in singing. From the begining radio and myke was popular. When I listned from radio and myke,at that time I had used harmonium. At the same time I sang rabindra sangeet and adhunik. when I heared any type of lyrics I always picked up the same.

First I started my career life with Rabindra Sangeet. In the mean time,I got married.For the time being, I had stopped my practice then I restarted my practice in Punjab. I had completed classical course in over 5 years from Prayag Sangeet samiti, Allahabad. I had also doing Rabindra sangeet and Nazrulgeet course from Bangio Parisad.

I had completed Aadhunik, folk,course from Aadya benaras sangeet samiti.Presently, all type of songs I can sing. I can sing Rabindra sangeet,Nazrul geeti, Shyama sangeet, Agomoni, Adhunik folk, own writting song etc.

After listning from radio, all the singers like Hemanta,shyamal.kishor,Lata,Asha etc I also practiced and tried to sang a song. Since last 6 years, I am doing performing in Doordarshan. Presently, my album has been released. Rabinbdra sangeet nazrul geeti shyama sangeet agomoni adhunik folk and own written song album has been released.